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Revenue-based financing is a way that firms can raise capital by pledging a percentage of future ongoing revenues in exchange for money invested. A portion of revenues will be paid to investors at a pre-established percentage until a certain multiple of the original investment has been repaid.

Unlike a traditional business loan, a revenue-based deal marches to the drum of your business.

Rather than taking collateral the agreement is to payback the investor on a set monthly %’age based off your average monthly sales or revenue. In the event sales take a dip due to uncertain events, reconciliation is available. Best Connect will pair your file with the right investor who will give you the best deal.

Deals can be short term, and up to 36 months depending on what your needs and qualifications are. This too falls into the category of factoring, or MCA financing, and gives you the right amount of capital you need in the matter of 24 hours.

While there is much competition in the private financing field it is advised to stay with 1 marketplace provider like “us” to build the proper relationship. Once the investor(s) get familiar with your business, “out of the box” deals, and promotions will be available for your company.

Revenue based financing is ideal for inventory purchase, payroll, equipment, upgrades, renovations, and expansion for your business.


Any for profit industry in the United Stated looking for this type of capital may receive funding. We accept franchises and any major corporation that can show at least 51% ownership.

Some examples of businesses that would take revenue-based financing could be a hardware store stocking up on inventory, a toy store stocking up on inventory for holidays, a restaurant looking to renovate, a medical practice looking to expand, etc.

Business revenue should be around $25,000 per month to qualify for some of the better revenue-based programs, but we do have investors that can take care of lower income businesses, as you’re in the growth process.

For deals up to $100,000 there are minimal requirements; Financials will be requested for larger funding amounts.