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Don’t get scammed borrowing capital

If you’re a business owner that has a growing business, and you’re seeking growth capital, there are a few things to look out for.

Rule #1- if it isn’t in writing it isn’t real. A loan broker may offer you a program too good to be true just to get you to sign a bad deal. They will say in 30 days we can get you a better program, and that isn’t always true. If it’s not in writing, it’s not necessarily real.

Rule #2- There are no pre-costs or obligations for fast funding. 

Make proper judgement while borrowing capital

You may receive offers from different sources, and all competitors will want to win your business. Don’t get persuaded to take bad deals based off emotional dialogue. Take the best deal that suits your company and financial needs. Best Connect Capital has the best deals for example, so work with us!

Our message to borrowers

Since the beginning of our company we hold policies to assure honesty, integrity and fast funding to our clients. There are many things we can do that our competitors may lie about. Like the saying goes, kids will say whatever they can to get what they want, but there are no kids at this company! We are certified professionals that will give you the best experience borrowing capital for your company.

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