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Small business in big city


Funding programs for business

Small business is the backbone of our country, and each business has different needs for production. Business funding programs are available of all sorts. For example, contractors bill customers up to 90 day net payments. Bridge programs are available for these gaps, and for qualified borrowers credit lines are also available. We have equipment financing deals with 5 year terms, monthly payments and low rates. That goes for any company looking for business equipment. If a company has poor credit, but a healthy running business we have programs based off business performance alone. Funding out 5-6-7 figures on these types of advances. If a business comes to us with a lot of short term debt already we have consolidation programs, 3 to choose from. For qualified borrows our partners can consolidate up to 3 short term debts into 1 payment. We have the reverse consolidation as well where we cover your weekly payments on all advances for a lower cost. A traditional FDIC insured bank loan is also available through us. We can also provide bank loans for that matter. Best Connect Capital is a 1 stop shop for all business financing purposes. 


What makes us different from competitors?

Many marketplaces for capital like ours do offer similar programs, but there is 1 key difference! Here at Best Connect we pride ourselves on fitting the right business owner with the right funding partner. Competitors may not have as skilled technicians as us to where our process and programs win deals for that matter. Judged by our Trustpilot Google, and BBB ratings you’ll see that borrowers enjoy our service. Some capital providers will send your deal to every partner they have making things confusing and not producing the best offers for your needs. We underwrite inhouse and place you to the right funder right away. 


Getting started

Getting started. We need minimal information on our application, and uploading the last 4 months of your business bank statements through our secured link. From that point we are able to provide a client with a business funding approval after a quick review. There are no pre-cost or obligations to be approved, and a soft credit check which will not hurt your credit. We also offer credit sweeps to remove negative items accordingly. If you’d like to learn more fee free to contact us

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