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Unsecured working capital for medium- large companies. 

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Fast and unsecured working capital for business has been popular for a long time now. It started with only credit card split & lockbox advances. Now a business can get up to $25,000,000 in 1 single contract based off revenue. 75-200% of your monthly business revenue can be qualified for funding. It all depends on your company and personal profile. No collateral is required, and terms may range from 6- 36 months. 

A lot of small businesses borrow unsecured working capital frequently for various reasons. Whether they need to cover payroll, buy inventory, upgrade equipment or cover project costs. Best Connect Capital is a source that provides these funds to businesses. This articles to speak about how bigger companies are now borrowing fast capital for their business. The new landscape of the post pandemic era, and more strenuous economy has created space for multi million dollar corporations to borrow a few million from us. 

With supply chain issues, dying industries and cracks in the system, larger companies are finding needs for fast working capital. Some of these massive industries include trucking, construction, tech. and medical. Many times these companies depends on other large businesses to pay them, and with some of the issue mentioned earlier, more payments come in late these days. The cost of equipment and goods have also gone up significantly, therefore requiring more capital to operate 1’s business. 

In the beginning of the unsecured, private business funding era it would be rare to hear a business borrow a $500,000 MCA. Considered to be a large deal, but people weren’t sure if this private business financing industry would even last! Over the last 30 years the industry boomed with several new investors and brokerages opening up. Even some banks like Chase have invested into these short term capital rounds for businesses. To learn more about an MCA click here.

Now, as mentioned, the industry thrived, and has more experienced investors putting more capital out for borrowing. With minimal paper work, a company that grosses let’s say $10,000,000 per month can acquire up to $10,000,000 in capital right away. It’s not uncommon now for a business to borrow $1,000,000 when back in the day, $500,000 was a big, and rare number.

If you’re a business owner, whether single or partnered there is a ton of capital opportunities available for you. It’s mainly performance based underwriting so if your credit is bad that’s OK, you still get millions from us. Through the thick & the thin, it’s safe to say there is more opportunity available now for large companies than there was ever before. Technology is in a sprint with A.I and other things so don’t be afraid to take a leap. Get your medium- large company funded right away. Minimal paperwork required. 

How to apply

There is no pre- cost or obligation to apply, so take advantage. For underwriting, at least 4 months of business bank statements are required. 

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